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Pennsylvania, USA


Latitude: 41.2033216, Longitude: -77.1945247


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albus, Caroline Catherine  Abt 1894Pennsylvania, USA I5192
2 Ankeny, Agness A.  Abt 1826Pennsylvania, USA I92
3 Barnett, Vincent L  4 Jul 1902Pennsylvania, USA I3280
4 Beales, Emma M.  Apr 1882Pennsylvania, USA I95
5 Beeson, Lydia Jane  12 Oct 1830Pennsylvania, USA I4141
6 Boyer, Alma Grace  Dec 1881Pennsylvania, USA I3293
7 Burr, Mary Anne  Jul 1839Pennsylvania, USA I1322
8 Cassedy, Hannah  Abt 1843Pennsylvania, USA I1516
9 Colborn, Susan  Sep 1870Pennsylvania, USA I2277
10 Cole, Sarah  Abt 1859Pennsylvania, USA I798
11 Dezouche, Caroline  Abt 1872Pennsylvania, USA I2096
12 Dolan, Mary Ann  May 1844Pennsylvania, USA I3154
13 Eckenrode, Henry Ignatius  7 Mar 1844Pennsylvania, USA I3097
14 Etzel, Elizabeth S  Abt 1896Pennsylvania, USA I4594
15 Foster, Katherine C  Abt 1886Pennsylvania, USA I3835
16 Galloway, Hortense A  31 Aug 1874Pennsylvania, USA I3729
17 Golden, Catherine  Nov 1848Pennsylvania, USA I1569
18 Graver, Anna H  Feb 1868Pennsylvania, USA I262
19 Higgins, Cecelia J  Oct 1861Pennsylvania, USA I3053
20 Hopkins, Patrick J  May 1871Pennsylvania, USA I3668
21 Horner, Eugene W  29 Nov 1907Pennsylvania, USA I1838
22 Leob, Gertrude V  7 Jan 1877Pennsylvania, USA I71
23 Marshall, Rachel  Dec 1861Pennsylvania, USA I909
24 Massimo, Joseph  26 May 1914Pennsylvania, USA I2786
25 Mc Kee, William  Abt 1876Pennsylvania, USA I4982
26 McRuddy, James J  Oct 1888Pennsylvania, USA I3423
27 McRuddy, Jennie  Oct 1884Pennsylvania, USA I3424
28 McRuddy, John  Jul 1898Pennsylvania, USA I4345
29 Meyers, Nora E  Abt 1898Pennsylvania, USA I3790
30 Mulkie, Frank E  Abt 1882Pennsylvania, USA I1649
31 O'Brian, Emma Louise  11 Sep 1896Pennsylvania, USA I2200
32 Raeder, Sophie M  Abt 1877Pennsylvania, USA I2214
33 Rager, Sarah Jane  Jan 1871Pennsylvania, USA I2162
34 Rhine, William  Abt 1894Pennsylvania, USA I3208
35 Rife, Hannah M.  22 Sep 1819Pennsylvania, USA I1883
36 Roddy, Agnes G  10 Aug 1862Pennsylvania, USA I3221
37 Roddy, Agness  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, USA I2235
38 Roddy, Alice M  15 Aug 1879Pennsylvania, USA I1418
39 Roddy, Amos  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, USA I1321
40 Roddy, Anna  Abt 1899Pennsylvania, USA I3317
41 Roddy, Anna M  Mar 1893Pennsylvania, USA I3639
42 Roddy, Austen  Abt 1875Pennsylvania, USA I5056
43 Roddy, Barbara Ellen  May 1866Pennsylvania, USA I1487
44 Roddy, Bertram E  Nov 1890Pennsylvania, USA I3295
45 Roddy, Carl Calvert Jr  25 Jun 1918Pennsylvania, USA I3164
46 Roddy, Catharine  3 Sep 1844Pennsylvania, USA I3162
47 Roddy, Catharine  1853Pennsylvania, USA I2403
48 Roddy, Catherine B  Feb 1882Pennsylvania, USA I2086
49 Roddy, Catherine E.  6 Oct 1847Pennsylvania, USA I145
50 Roddy, Cecilia Catharine "Kate"  14 Feb 1846Pennsylvania, USA I229

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Higgins, Cecelia J  4 Jan 1954Pennsylvania, USA I3053
2 Roddy, Arabella  1920Pennsylvania, USA I4611
3 Roddy, Edward G  12 Jun 1867Pennsylvania, USA I2414
4 Roddy, Ethyl Mae  22 Oct 1938Pennsylvania, USA I1031
5 Roddy, Hugh Jr  Abt 1886Pennsylvania, USA I590
6 Roddy, John William  17 Sep 1956Pennsylvania, USA I225
7 Roddy, Lewis  3 Jun 1911Pennsylvania, USA I4637
8 Roddy, Mary J  1930Pennsylvania, USA I4636
9 Roddy, William P  Abt 1950Pennsylvania, USA I2224
10 Smith, Jane  Pennsylvania, USA I2696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Roddy, Hugh Sr  1780Pennsylvania, USA I2283
2 Roddy, James Joseph Sr.  1722Pennsylvania, USA I5074


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Decker, Mary Magdela  1796Pennsylvania, USA I4612
2 Roddy, Alice Barnett  Abt 1909Pennsylvania, USA I1041
3 Roddy, Cora A.  Abt 1865Pennsylvania, USA I1324
4 Roddy, Daniel  1839Pennsylvania, USA I4609
5 Roddy, David M  Abt 1791Pennsylvania, USA I4608
6 Roddy, Eleanor B  Abt 1852Pennsylvania, USA I4658
7 Roddy, Irvin Elmer  Abt 1867Pennsylvania, USA I1328
8 Roddy, John  Abt 1800Pennsylvania, USA I4638
9 Roddy, John Augustus Sr  16 Aug 1848Pennsylvania, USA I4766
10 Roddy, Joseph Stockton Jr  Abt 1905Pennsylvania, USA I1040
11 Roddy, Josephine  Jul 1862Pennsylvania, USA I4100
12 Roddy, Josiah Joseph  Pennsylvania, USA I3033
13 Roddy, Lewis  1826Pennsylvania, USA I4637
14 Roddy, Martha  Sep 1868Pennsylvania, USA I1155
15 Roddy, Mary  23 Apr 1818Pennsylvania, USA I4697
16 Roddy, Rebecca Ramsey Barnett  Abt 1904Pennsylvania, USA I1039
17 Shevlin, Bridget  Feb 1850Pennsylvania, USA I2384
18 Taylor, Margaret Mae  Abt 1911Pennsylvania, USA I3195
19 Wilkins, Alice Rebecca Ramsey  Abt 1870Pennsylvania, USA I2450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Roddy, Ewing B "Rod"  Pennsylvania, USA I4508
2 Roddy, James  22 Jun 1813Pennsylvania, USA I3712
3 Roddy, John  17 Apr 1776Pennsylvania, USA I4473
4 Roddy, Thomas  1865Pennsylvania, USA I770
5 Ruddy  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, USA I4828


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hall / Roddy  1730Pennsylvania, USA F713
2 Roddy / Beeson  22 Jan 1852Pennsylvania, USA F618
3 Roddy / Boyer  12 Apr 1900Pennsylvania, USA F833
4 Roddy / Howard  Abt 1888Pennsylvania, USA F834
5 Roddy / Jenkins  Pennsylvania, USA F629
6 Roddy / Meyers  Abt 1917Pennsylvania, USA F1239
7 Roddy / Roddy  Abt 1817Pennsylvania, USA F639
8 Roddy / Smith  Aft 1746Pennsylvania, USA F916
9 Roddy / Waggoner  Abt 1855Pennsylvania, USA F1066
10 Work / Rhody  Abt 1732Pennsylvania, USA F689