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Illinois, USA


Latitude: 40.6331249, Longitude: -89.3985283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boddy, Earl Tracey  4 Oct 1907Illinois, USA I796
2 Cameron, Edwin  1888Illinois, USA I814
3 Carlin, Bridget Elizabeth  Jan 1851Illinois, USA I6082
4 Crennen, Annie Anna  Mar 1866Illinois, USA I5297
5 Dees, Ellen E  26 Oct 1861Illinois, USA I6185
6 Dunne, Mary M  Abt 1895Illinois, USA I1546
7 Green, Susannah  Abt 1863Illinois, USA I890
8 Johnson, Martha A.  12 Jul 1832Illinois, USA I6282
9 Keen, Effie  14 Dec 1877Illinois, USA I6277
10 McDaniel, Evaline  Abt 1858Illinois, USA I6167
11 Nickson, Annette Marie  Abt 1895Illinois, USA I2954
12 Rhode, Annie  Abt 1879Illinois, USA I4204
13 Rhode, Emma  Abt 1868Illinois, USA I3846
14 Rhode, Ida  Abt 1874Illinois, USA I76
15 Rhode, John  Jan 1877Illinois, USA I4205
16 Rhode, Minna  Abt 1871Illinois, USA I1620
17 Rhode, Sophie  Abt 1866Illinois, USA I1466
18 Richter, Mabel Anne  1906Illinois, USA I5717
19 Roady, Rebecca  1847Illinois, USA I6308
20 Roddey, Rosiana  Oct 1881Illinois, USA I3036
21 Roddy, Ann Annie Alice  1853Illinois, USA I3070
22 Roddy, Annie  26 Feb 1910Illinois, USA I4584
23 Roddy, Catherine  Abt 1869Illinois, USA I4944
24 Roddy, Elizabeth E.  Abt 1853Illinois, USA I662
25 Roddy, Elizabeth Helen  Abt 1887Illinois, USA I299
26 Roddy, Ethel  Oct 1891Illinois, USA I5173
27 Roddy, Evaline  Abt 1858Illinois, USA I3813
28 Roddy, Henry  Oct 1891Illinois, USA I249
29 Roddy, James Edward  23 Nov 1889Illinois, USA I293
30 Roddy, James P  Abt 1882Illinois, USA I274
31 Roddy, John H  1856Illinois, USA I4064
32 Roddy, John Henry  Abt 1856Illinois, USA I1054
33 Roddy, John P  Abt 1866Illinois, USA I3117
34 Roddy, Louise  Abt 1892Illinois, USA I4592
35 Roddy, Margaret E.  Abt 1874Illinois, USA I660
36 Roddy, Marguerite Mabel  25 Aug 1893Illinois, USA I2900
37 Roddy, Martha A  Abt 1858Illinois, USA I6302
38 Roddy, Mary  Feb 1889Illinois, USA I116
39 Roddy, Mary A  Feb 1878Illinois, USA I661
40 Roddy, Mary Leander "Mame"  1877Illinois, USA I5031
41 Roddy, Nancy J  Abt 1853Illinois, USA I6300
42 Roddy, Reginald Charles  30 Oct 1919Illinois, USA I4791
43 Roddy, Rosella  Aug 1894Illinois, USA I4086
44 Roddy, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1855Illinois, USA I6301
45 Roddy, Thomas  Abt 1872Illinois, USA I632
46 Roddy, William R  15 Dec 1884Illinois, USA I5027
47 Rode, Margaret S  Abt 1860Illinois, USA I3534
48 Ruddy, Alice M  Jun 1894Illinois, USA I1473
49 Ruddy, Anna  Abt 1872Illinois, USA I6080
50 Ruddy, Anna  Abt 1874Illinois, USA I1772

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Roddy, James Edward  1953Illinois, USA I293
2 Roddy, Mary Leander "Mame"  1957Illinois, USA I5031
3 Ruddy, Betty Mae  15 Mar 1999Illinois, USA I3757
4 Ruddy, Edward (Edmond)  3 Nov 1860Illinois, USA I4978
5 Ruddy, Patrick  Bef 1892Illinois, USA I4926


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Rhode, John  Bef 1866Illinois, USA I1510
2 Roddy, William  1853Illinois, USA I6285


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carlin, Bridget Elizabeth  Jan 1855Illinois, USA I6082
2 Green, Susannah  Abt 1862Illinois, USA I890
3 Roddy, John Henry  Oct 1865Illinois, USA I1054
4 Roddy, Louise  Abt 1895Illinois, USA I4592
5 Roddy, Mary Ann  11 Aug 1858Illinois, USA I875
6 Roddy, Reginald Charles  30 Oct 1919Illinois, USA I4791
7 Ruddy, John Lawrence  May 1891Illinois, USA I3750
8 Ruddy, Martha Sophia  Jun 1896Illinois, USA I4892
9 Ruddy, Thomas Adams  Oct 1893Illinois, USA I3962
10 Walker, James Wiley  Nov 1858Illinois, USA I6284


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 McCoy, Helen Gertrude  Illinois, USA I1479
2 Ruddy, John E  Illinois, USA I3574
3 Ruddy, Virginia H  Illinois, USA I5211
4 Ruddy, William Harold  Illinois, USA I5210


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beatty, Margaret  1856Illinois, USA I1056
2 Beatty, Margaret  1857Illinois, USA I1056
3 Boddy, Ephraim Woods  3 Apr 1882Illinois, USA I2449
4 Carroll, Mary  Feb 1889Illinois, USA I3857
5 Johnson, Martha A.  22 Mar 1864Illinois, USA I6282
6 Roddy, Elizabeth Laura  1866Illinois, USA I1695
7 Roddy, Elizabeth Laura  1869Illinois, USA I1695
8 Roddy, Father of William R  Abt 1884Illinois, USA I2090
9 Roddy, James Hugh  1879Illinois, USA I5032
10 Roddy, James Patrick  1889Illinois, USA I5166
11 Roddy, James Patrick  1891Illinois, USA I5166
12 Roddy, James W.  Illinois, USA I6281
13 Ruddy, Michael  Illinois, USA I445


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ruddy / Carey  Illinois, USA F1383