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Frederick, Maryland, USA


Latitude: 39.4142688, Longitude: -77.4105409


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Roddy, Henry Harry Michael  11 Aug 1880Frederick, Maryland, USA I1065


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jourdan, Florence C  1935Frederick, Maryland, USA I2056
2 Jourdan, Florence C  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I2056
3 Orndorff, Laura Gertrude  1935Frederick, Maryland, USA I2592
4 Orndorff, Laura Gertrude  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I2592
5 Pitlanic, Helena  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I3301
6 Roddy, 1st Son of 1783 Henry Jr  1810Frederick, Maryland, USA I1684
7 Roddy, 2nd Son of 1783 Henry Jr  1810Frederick, Maryland, USA I957
8 Roddy, Abraham Francis Sr  1810Frederick, Maryland, USA I3171
9 Roddy, Alice S  1935Frederick, Maryland, USA I2822
10 Roddy, Alice S  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I2822
11 Roddy, Francis "Frank" A  1935Frederick, Maryland, USA I714
12 Roddy, Francis "Frank" A  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I714
13 Roddy, Hugh Sr  1810Frederick, Maryland, USA I2283
14 Roddy, Hugh Jr  1810Frederick, Maryland, USA I590
15 Roddy, Hugh Sr  1840Frederick, Maryland, USA I2283
16 Roddy, Hugh Francis Jr  1915Frederick, Maryland, USA I3533
17 Roddy, John Mark Jr  1935Frederick, Maryland, USA I3616
18 Roddy, John Mark Sr  1935Frederick, Maryland, USA I2194
19 Roddy, John Mark Jr  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I3616
20 Roddy, John Mark III  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I3122
21 Roddy, John Mark Sr  1 Apr 1940Frederick, Maryland, USA I2194
22 Roddy, Wife of Henry Jr  1810Frederick, Maryland, USA I263
23 Roddy, William J.  1840Frederick, Maryland, USA I1901