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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Latitude: 43.0389025, Longitude: -87.9064736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buchholz, George F  25 Jul 1906Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I2195
2 McSweeney, John Aloysius  20 Aug 1880Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4761
3 Roddy, Mavis Ruth  26 Jan 1897Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I107


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carmedy, Ellen I  1933Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I85
2 Connelly, Mary  28 Aug 1918Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I3816
3 Roddy, Mary  1 Sep 1952Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I103
4 Roddy, Patrick  Aft 1910Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I5009
5 Roddy, Patrick E  30 Apr 1890Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ruddy, Thomas  Abt Jun 1908Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I1409


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Roddy, Henry  19 Jul 1880Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I151


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burns, Catherine Mary  1883Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I3960
2 Carmedy, Ellen I  1910Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I85
3 Carmedy, Ellen I  1912Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I85
4 Gallagher, Henrika Hannah Ray T  1921Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4775
5 Gallagher, Henrika Hannah Ray T  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4775
6 Gallagher, Henrika Hannah Ray T  1930Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4775
7 Gallagher, Henrika Hannah Ray T  1953Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4775
8 Jacobs, Irene L  1921Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I255
9 Jacobs, Irene L  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I255
10 Jacobs, Irene L  1932Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I255
11 Jacobs, Irene L  1933Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I255
12 Kavel, Adelaide F  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4070
13 Mayer, Lorraine G  1985Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I3843
14 McSweeney, John Aloysius  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4761
15 Pentony, Carolina "Carrie" Ann  1932Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I155
16 Roddy, Andrew Charles  1921Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I14
17 Roddy, Andrew Charles  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I14
18 Roddy, Andrew Charles  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I14
19 Roddy, Andrew J  1932Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I289
20 Roddy, Andrew J  1933Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I289
21 Roddy, Andrew J  1936Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I289
22 Roddy, Charles C Jr.  1921Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I753
23 Roddy, Charles C Jr.  1932Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I753
24 Roddy, Charles C Jr.  1936Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I753
25 Roddy, Charles C Jr.  25 Apr 1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I753
26 Roddy, Charles C Jr.  1953Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I753
27 Roddy, Cyrus James  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I376
28 Roddy, Cyrus James  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I376
29 Roddy, Eugene Lawrence Owen  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I156
30 Roddy, Eugene Lawrence Owen  1932Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I156
31 Roddy, George A  1909Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I5104
32 Roddy, George A  1919Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I5104
33 Roddy, Gerald "Jerry" Henry  1927Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I1495
34 Roddy, Gerald "Jerry" Henry  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I1495
35 Roddy, Helen Ruth  1995Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I2997
36 Roddy, Helen Ruth  2001Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I2997
37 Roddy, John Charles  1876Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
38 Roddy, John Charles  1876Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
39 Roddy, John Charles  1879Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
40 Roddy, John Charles  1880Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
41 Roddy, John Charles  1881Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
42 Roddy, John Charles  1882Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
43 Roddy, John Charles  1883Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
44 Roddy, John Charles  1884Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
45 Roddy, John Charles  1885Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
46 Roddy, John Charles  1886Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
47 Roddy, John Charles  1887Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
48 Roddy, John Charles  1888Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
49 Roddy, John Charles  1889Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055
50 Roddy, John Charles  1890Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA I4055

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Roddy / Knutson  21 Oct 1908Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA F1301