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Charles Francis Roddy (abt 1850 - abt 1880)

Reported by Harry Frances Roddy (b. 22 Dec 1878, d. 23 Mar 1949) to be his father, born "near London, England." His birth date is estimated, based on the age of Harry's mother at his birth, and Charles' estimated death date is probably wrong. The story that Harry's mother told was that his father died shortly before he was born, or shortly thereafter. To date, no evidence has been found that any part of Harry's father's name is correct except a strong 65/67 marker yDNA match to living Roddy and Ruddy males. Various records for Harry list his father's birth place in different locations throughout his life. The first record of Harry using the Roddy surname was in a Denver city directory when he was 18 or 19, just prior to his enlistment in the US Army for the Phillipine-American War.
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